As a Member, you will have access to experienced, New Mexico Energy Attorneys, Economists and Engineers with a track record of success in the State of New Mexico. 

Larger Voice

The larger our membership, the louder our voice and the greater our negotiating power. Becoming a Member of NM AREA gives you a louder voice in energy matters that affect your business. 

Shared Costs

Members receive experienced legal services and have access to expert economists and engineers at a fraction of the cost of solo representation.

Valuable Strategic Planning

Members are up-to-date on issues and changes in the energy industry so their businesses can effectively plan for the future.

NM AREA’s mission is to support our Members’ energy interests with full-time legal representation before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, the New Mexico Supreme Court, and the State Legislature. 

About NM Area

NM AREA, formerly known as the  New Mexico Industrial Energy Consumers (NMIEC), is a member-based organization consisting of a diverse group of New Mexico businesses and organizations who share common goals. Members collectively employ tens of thousands of New Mexicans, consume millions of kilowatt hours of electricity annually and fuel our growing economy. Instead of navigating the legal and regulatory landscape alone, Members benefit from shared resources and significant cost savings.

NM AREA represents Members and their interests before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC), the New Mexico Supreme Court and the State Legislature in all relevant utility proceedings, including:

  • Rate cases 
  • Renewable Energy cases
  • Abandonment proceedings 
  • Utility financing cases 
  • Energy Efficiency cases 
  • New and Replacement Power cases 
  • Transmission cases 

In addition, NM AREA acts as a liaison between individual Members and utility companies on discrete individual energy matters. NM AREA also actively comments and testifies on issues which affect energy policy, service, and rates.

The energy landscape in New Mexico is rapidly changing. Navigating the transition to a cleaner energy future poses challenges and opportunities. NM AREA works to ensure that Members are on the leading edge of energy technologies. By staying current on regional and national utility developments, NM AREA provides information on upcoming energy issues to help Members plan for change, innovate, and find creative solutions.

Legal Team

Experienced Legal Representation

NM AREA Members receive expert legal representation by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Peter Gould

With more than 30 years of regulatory experience, Peter Gould of The Gould Law Firm Inc. represents corporate clients and public entities in regulatory matters before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, Environment Department and Appellate Courts. Voted Best Lawyers in America, Administrative/Regulatory Law (2009-2019) and Best Lawyers in America Lawyer of the Year, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Administrative /Regulatory Law (2015), Peter has participated in hundreds of Public Regulation Commission cases and in every Legislative session in which significant energy issues were at stake. Peter Gould has been the attorney for NM AREA for over 12 years.  

Kelly Gould

Partner of The Gould Law Firm, Kelly has a background in Chemistry and nine years of regulatory legal experience. Kelly previously served as a law clerk for the United States District Court, District of New Mexico and the Honorable Justice Daniels of the New Mexico Supreme Court. 


Energy is a building block of businesses of all sizes. Its evolution, rates, and regulations can have a big impact on businesses and organizations with larger operating budgets.

Joining NM AREA gives your company a larger, singular voice, considerable cost savings, and experienced legal representation.

Larger Voice


Together, Members have one, experienced voice. The larger our membership, the

 louder our voice and the greater our negotiating power. 

Cost Savings


Since 2007, Members have saved tens of millions of dollars on electric rates due to NM AREA’s advocacy at the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. In addition, by sharing legal resources such as attorneys, expert witnesses, and consultant fees, Members save tens of thousands of dollars in legal representation every year. 

Experienced Legal Representation


As a Member, you will be championed by highly respected energy attorneys named among the “Best Lawyers in America.” 


Join NM AREA and benefit from our collective mission, strategic advocacy, and negotiating power. We work hard to protect Members’ interests and to ensure a long and prosperous business future in New Mexico.

For more information about joining NM AREA, please contact our General Counsel, Peter Gould, at 505.690.2966 or at

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